S P A C E  P O N G !

Actually, it plays more like soccer in space with boosts :) Thanks for checking it out! Enjoy!

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cool game! I'd love to see more games like this  <3<3<3

Oh hey! It's you again! :D

Thanks for playing! Space Pong is actually my favorite 2D game I've made so far :P


Cool game, but controlls are a bit chaotic ahah. Very fun and creative )

Thank you for playing! Yeah I agree that controls need a bit of rework :P   I'm glad that you found it fun!


Really great game. I think it would be really fun to play it with a friend. Maybe try adding an local multiplayer?


Simple and fun! If the controllers were a little tighter, I would've loved it.


Really cool! but i think it's hard to control and the graphics was so cool also

Thanks! As for the controls, think of it as a Bennet Foddy game where some of the difficulty in the controls is intended, though I still agree the controls still needs to be a bit more accessible. But anyway, it's a space game after all! Thanks again for playing my game! I just love to make fun games!


This is really cool!  Nice graphics, they are simple and effective. A bit hard to control imo ahah!

Thanks for playing! I'm happy to hear you like the graphics! I created all of the art and music myself so I'm glad you think it's nice :D I agree that controls are a bit hard which is why I added boosting so you don't have to hit the ball to make an impact on the game. Anyway, thanks again for playing!


Really nice concept!

I have appreciated the tutorial and the map that is part of the physics, along with the graphics!

The only thing that I don't like is the player control, I think is way too difficult to control (I know it should be, but I think that easier controls can improve the overall experience).

Thanks for playing my game! I agree with you that the movement is difficult which is why I added the collidable trails left from boosting. I'll look into ways to improve the movement but anyway I really appreciate you playing my game! Thank you for your time and feedback!

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wow! i love the concept of the map being physically simulated as well as the players. and the ability to dash and block shots with you trail is really useful . 

though in space everything is relative. and it seems that the player moves through the controls oriented relative to the  level or the world rather than to the camera. which to me feels a bit off for some reason. perhaps i have it wrong. i'd love to see a devlog or something on this.

controller suport aswell would be nice for a game with this sort of movement and gameplay

Ah yes. The player and the enemies are children of the map to give the player more flexibility in movement. This is because when I was testing the game, I found it quite hard to catch up to the speed of the stadium when the stadium is moving really fast. The player also just acts like a pinball which might be fun :P but I wanted a bit more control. As for the controls, it is actually relative to the camera. The players being childed to the map might have just been where the confusion lies.

I would totally add controller support!... If I had one... O o f. I regret not making a devlog of this. There were many funny glitches that I encountered that were surprisingly funny. Anyway thanks for playing my game!


I cant wait for local multiplayer of this game

I can't wait as well! :P


I liked it, simple and engaging! I found that it’s very hard to control the character, but maybe it’s what makes scores so satisfying.

I didn’t realize at first what boost is, I just thought that it speeds me up, making the character even more uncontrollable, so I didn’t even try to use it. But it turned out it draws a wall that is very helpful to restrict the ball.

It would be very cool to have controller support and some sort of local multiplayer. I think it’s a perfect game for it!


Thank you so much for playing! :D

Early in development, I knew that controls in space where there is no friction would be a bit hard for the player so I added the boost mechanic where you can use it to block the ball without hitting it. Though I still do think the controls may still need a bit more reworking XD.

I do think local multiplayer would be a beautiful addition to this game. Though for a game jam, I just wanted a basic singleplayer game and maybe afterwards I'll add in multiplayer. I'll just see if my time will allow me to add that local multiplayer in. I'm going to be pretty for the next few days. :(

On a side note... I'm still waiting for your next game ;)


I think the controls are fine, the boost mechanic makes up for the difficult steering. And there’s no rush for the multiplayer, it won’t be less fun if you add it later. :-)

On a side note… I’m still updating Zero Velocity, I’m not quite done with it. I want to rest a little before participating in another game jam, the last one was intense for me. :-D